Meth’ Sessions is a quick rising force to be reckoned with. Hailing out of Greenville, S.C., they have taken a bad mental trip and turned it into one of the best up and coming Metal Bands to ever come out of the South-East.


Vocals & Guitars-Crystal Meth’

Drums-Chris Allison

Bass-Bobby (Hatchet Man) Coles

Meth’ Sessions takes the brutality of Metal, and Anger of a Twisted Soul, and turns it into one of the best sounds out there today! Female Vocalist and Guitarist, Crystal Meth’ is one woman not to be under estimated. To hear the album (METH' SESSIONS-Possession 1/10th), you wouldn’t even realize it was a girl growling out those painful lyrics. Not to be compared to any other female musician,this is a whole new thing like you’ve never heard before. With her distinctive voice and gut crenging guitar licks combined with a true talent of writing music, she will defiantly lead Meth’ Sessions to success